Death and dying are not easy topics, but they are universal.  Every one of us will experience death through the loss of people and pets we care about, and we will do this many times throughout our lives. Yet society as a whole is very uncomfortable with death. We aren’t good at acknowledging our own loss, much less that of others.  And when children are involved in mourning, it gets even more difficult.

Donna’s Village is about helping people process their feelings when faced with loss through death. We do this through peer support groups. While therapeutic in nature, our groups are not therapy or counseling sessions.  Studies show that people do better when they are able to share their experiences with peers – people of a similar age with similar experiences.

Furthermore, we know children and teens need opportunities to express their feelings through art and play.  Often, they lack the words to express themselves clearly.  Artistic outlets such as drawing, painting, music, and poetry, can help.  Play is often referred to as a child’s “work” and an important tool used to make sense of changes and to process information.  Donna’s Village provides important opportunities for children and teens to explore and understand their emotions.

No two people mourn the same way. We acknowledge those differences and seek to  provide a caring, respectful environment in which people can share their sadness, anger, fear, and other feelings in safety.

Thanks for being part of our journey!

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