Grief Groups


One of the most important aspects of our groups is the opportunity for participants – children, teens, and adults – to connect with people their own age who are grieving the death of someone important to them.

For kids and teens, groups begin with circle time.  Each participant has the opportunity to introduce him or herself and talk about the person who died. Groups do an age-appropriate activity designed to get to know each other, to connect with feelings, or designed to remember the person who died. After circle, kids and teens choose their own activities. Play options include sand trays, puppets, games, art, and physical play (basketball, hula hoops, etc.). Groups end with closing circle – talking about the activities they chose that evening and something they are looking forward to in the upcoming weeks.

Teen groups are similar to children’s groups in structure; however, they often forego “play” time to simply hang out with each other and talk. They choose their activities with options that include journal writing, art, and other opportunities for creative expression.

Children come to Donna’s Village because someone died. They stay because groups are fun, and because they connect with other kids who are just like them. At Donna’s Village, they are no longer the odd man out – the only one grieving a death. Being among true peers, being less isolated and alone, is priceless.

Adult grief groups meet at the same time as kid’s groups.  Having a child at Donna’s Village is not a requirement for participation.

Peer-support grief groups offered by Donna’s Village are always free. Please contact us at 419-460-3122, or email donnasvillagetoledo at gmail dot com for more information.


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